The Department for  Teacher’s  Training mission has clear and accomplishable objectives observing the legal provisions and it providing training programmes for a didactical career.


In order to achieve its mission the Department for  Teacher’s  Training ensures the professional training (psycho-pedagogical) and co-operates with faculties in the field with the purpose of training specialized teaching staff.


The start-up and devlopment of various fundamental and applicative scientific research activities count  among the specific functions that Department for  Teacher’s  Training has to fulfill, according to ARACIS and European regulations.


DPPD/TSTD is actively involved in achieving scientific activities as to its mission and obectives assigned on a short, medium and long term.


The Department for  Teacher’s  Training research directions are displayed in the Scientific Research Strategy, 2017-2020.The Research Strategy is included in UPIT strategic plan and it is attested by documents that are to be found at Department for  Teacher’s  Training head office.


Research directions encompassed in the Strategy belong to the scientific area of the psycho-pedagogy and envisage:

  • the educational mentorship;
  • the identification of training requirements for pre-university teaching staff;
  • the administration of pedagogical practice period in conformity with  new quality standards and teaching European model;
  • the optimization of assessment methods used in higher education;
  • the identification of Romanian teachers integration difficulties on the labour market, etc.